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We are a small ‘hands-on’ company based in the heart of the West Country. Our furniture is beautiful, genuine and full of character.

Although we’d prefer you were able to touch and feel our kitchens, this site should provide a flavour and give a sense of character of our different kitchen ranges.

You can order our Creamery Kitchens brochure via the Brochure Request page – simply choose to receive a copy in the post or by e-mail. There’s also our handy kitchen planner guide which you can download, whilst our Design Service page provides some useful pointers. Complementary furniture, such as tables and chairs, can be added to round off your new kitchen. For a greater selection, please visit the main Old Creamery Furniture website.

We first set up to sell pine furniture handmade in local workshops and we made ourselves two promises: ‘To be truthful with our customers’ and ‘To treat everyone, as we would wish to be treated’.

After a dozen fairly successful years, governed as much by luck as judgement, we wanted to replace our own kitchen and asked one of the local makers to construct it to our own design, using his traditional build techniques, when it was installed, we hand finished it.

That’s pretty much when it all began, 13 years later and after two repaints we’re still using, and enjoying, the same kitchen.

We hope you enjoy browsing through this website … I can honestly tell you this furniture is locally hand built, with care & integrity… it would be our pleasure to show you.

Please enjoy this website.


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